Day 1 

Nancy Lewis

Nancy J. Lewis is a leading motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, trainer, author, and registered corporate coach. She conducts dynamic keynotes and seminars on diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias, leadership, human resources, and personal development. She is an executive business coach and works with CEOs and their leadership teams to help them transform and enhance their careers. She is certified in Cultural Intelligence and Unconscious Bias with the Cultural Intelligence Center. She is a co-author of Real Women, Real Issues: Positive Collaborations for Business Success, and various books about sisterhood, multi-cultural women, and faith.

Jodie Randisi

Jodie is the CEO of COWCATCHER Publications, established in 1999 to capture and preserve fascinating true-life stories and business books for speakers.          She is a former school teacher. Jodie spent her career observing what it takes to connect with, motivate, and inspire human behavior.                                        She is best known for her ability to cultivate hidden potential in marginalized populations. As a volunteer, she provides inmates with learning opportunities that lead to remarkable transformation and renewed proficiencies while incarcerated. She received the prestigious Toastmaster of the Year Award in 2017 for the work she does to establish and maintain prison Toastmaster Clubs in South Carolina. 

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