Day 17

Becki Beasley

Also Your Daughters is a podcast platform run by Becki Beasley, a millennial wife, mother, ex-pastor, friend, writer, photographer, woman, who is trying to make sense of the world around her which includes church hurt, faith deconstruction and theology, motherhood and marriage, feminism and overall life survival and how to get into life thriving. Becki wants to offer hope to people who think they're alone.

Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a clinically trained Soul-Led Leadership Coach to ambitious highly sensitive professional women leaders. She is also the host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast and founder of the Self-Care Summit: Improve Your Bottom Line and Your Personal Life. Over the last seventeen years she has coached, guided and collaborated with over a 1,000 women. She helps women end overwhelm and self-doubt, so they can lead with calm, confidence, and connection.

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