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Turn Pain & Problems into Purpose & Profit

Profit from Pain

Ready to let loose and become unstoppable?

Hi [insert name here],

Have you ever thought that your problems could be your key to making an impact and income?

Most women are so ashamed of their problems that to think of making an income with them sounds crazy and yet, that’s exactly what makes some women irresistible and unstoppable. 

It’s what makes the women we admire the most so appealing, they turn their pain around in love to help others. 

Many women even make a lot of money using their pain to make an impact and change lives.

Who knows, maybe God wants to use you and your story to make both gold and glory! 

If you’ve ever had even a small idea in your mind that “maybe I could use this thing in my life that’s been painful to help other women” then you don’t want to miss this.

A friend of mine is hosting an annual conference that will launch you into being the unstoppable woman you know you are. 

Laney Houser has gathered over 30 of the most inspirational, motivational and transformational women and asked them to share their own stories of living with purpose, impact and income in spite of setbacks and circumstances, including me!

I will be sharing part of my story and how I’ve learned to rise up in spite of my circumstances. I’ll also be sharing some of the secrets I use to live my life with purpose and fulfillment. 

I have a FREE ticket for you….click [insert your link here] to claim it. I’m excited for you to join me and the other leaders as we share our hearts with you.

This event will inspire and equip you to live your purpose while making an impact and an income, after all you are the only you in the universe.

The event is called The Second Annual Unstoppable Woman World Summit and it goes live April 1.

Join us for a time of inspiration and refreshment while you learn from women who’ve gone before you how to rise above your circumstances and live a life of purpose and make money doing it.  

When you grab your ticket [insert your link here], each day in April you will get an inspirational interview sent directly to you, so you can slow down and set an intentional pace that sends you to live your purpose with vision, motivation and a heart of love.

I want you to know that no matter where you find yourself, you are not alone. That is why my friend Laney Houser has gathered this amazing group of women to share with you how to overcome and live your purpose no matter what else life may bring.

At this event you will:

  • Learn how to receive and embrace your past and let it lead you to a glorious future.

  • Hear stories of how to overcome depression, anxiety and overwhelm and use it to make an income. One of the speakers turned around 10 years of depression and now leads workshops for women around defeating depression!

  • Listen in on how women have turned around the darkest and craziest situations to become unstoppable and live amazing lives.

You don’t want to miss this event, I promise it will change your life and it will make you laugh, cry and most of all encourage you and equip you with clarity to live your life with vision and make an income & impact.

Click [insert your link here] to get access to this FREE mini series.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

With Love & Joy,


PS You don’t want to miss this awesome series [insert your link here] to get access and together let’s make gold and glory!

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Everyone is talking about how living a beautiful life is the new normal. What if your new normal was living your purpose to make an income and an impact doing something you love?

What if you knew that you could take you pain and problems and turn it into gold and glory? What if you knew that the secret to becoming unstoppable & having a life you love while making an impact and an income is your purpose?

@laneybeesonhouser has curated an amazing line up of leaders (including me) to share their inspirational stories about how they used the hard stuff in life to create businesses and make shifts to love the one life they have.

I had so much fun recording my interview with Laney and here's what I know for sure…she always attracts incredible leaders to speak at her events so I know this one will be special.

It actually reminded me how much I LOVE what I do, loving my life and making a difference and I believe you can too. If living your purpose while making an income is at the top of your list you don’t want to miss this event.

This is what it’s all about, you and becoming the unstoppable, amazing version of you!

Link to register your spot in my bio. See you there.

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